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Phil has a wealth of experience delivering keynote, leadership, motivational and engaging talks to blue-chip companies, governing bodies and a diverse range of organisations.  He has delivered inspirational speeches and talks at televised award shows, global summits, corporate events and conferences, university lectures, team building events and evening galas.


The speaking industry is ever-changing, however Phil’s core messaging has remained on-trend, up to date and of the moment.  His passion for mental resilience, emotional intelligence, wellbeing and the importance of good mental health has only grown stronger.  He captivates and connects with audiences.

Phil donates all his speaking fees to charity and does not take a wage from his role as Non-Paid Chief Executive of The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT).  



Phil has helped numerous organisations bring their teams together.  He draws upon the examples and experiences of the teams that he has led or been part of who have achieved extraordinary feats and successes.  These teams have gifted their time and thousands of individuals have volunteered their support to missions, visions and aspirations that he has set out to achieve.  He brings a unique insight into collaboration, team-spirit and rising to the challenge.




Phil combines his military experience, life post-injury, and his extraordinary physical challenges to deliver leadership talks that both inspire and motivate audiences through a wide array of themes.  He has presence at any conference and brings greater unity to a team or work-force by balancing a strong level of leadership with emotional intelligence.




He takes time to develop a personal relationship with clients and organisers to understand their requirements and expectations and to ensure audiences are fully engaged by delivering on message.  His aspiration is always to provoke positive thought and engagement beyond the event and motivate others to achieve personal and professional goals.   Phil has an innovative approach to life that will resonate with diverse audiences and he weaves in a wide range of topics to broaden the mind and unlock potential.



Phil has worked with communities, businesses, charities, emergency services, Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, universities, colleges and sports teams throughout the whole of the UK; he has visited and engaged with every County of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, the Isle of Man and the Shetland Islands.  Phil has extensive knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility, Charitable Giving, Fundraising and Volunteering.  He brings a high level of emotional intelligence and understands disability, inclusion, diversity and empowerment.  His specialism is motivating teams and his attitude to tackling life, with an abundance of energy and determination, is infectious.  He is driven by a strong sense of duty and it is this, combined with his belief in good mental health, fitness and wellbeing, that resonates with individuals and organisations. 



Over the past 15 years, hundreds of companies and organisations, led by Phil’s example of gifting support to charities, have delivered their time, services, support and funding to enable Phil’s charitable endeavours to raise vital funds and awareness.  Phil has been sponsored by leading global brands and is currently providing an inspirational opportunity for new sponsors to support the annual inclusive BRIT Challenge; a platform, campaign, and event, that has evolved to support and improve the mental health, fitness, and wellbeing, of millions of young adults, students, and staff, throughout the UK. 


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