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To deliver inspiration, create greater inclusion and to influence in the areas of self-harm, depression,  and mental wellness at the highest level in order to improve the vital support for young people experiencing trauma in their lives.
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This page exists to provide links to support organisations, a personal blog, guest blogs and what mechanisms are improving my physical and mental wellness. I hope this is useful.

Mental Wellness

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself" - George Bernard Shaw

There is not a clear definition of mental wellness.  I prefer the words as they are positive and can help us explain a deficiency to mental health that with our own acknowledgement and some external support, maybe regained.

There is no shame in mental illness, depression or self-harm, nor should there be any stigma.  Sadly stigma can stop us from seeking support as we may feel embarrassed or in denial; something I understand well.

Throughout my journey, I have had the fortune to meet and be educated by thousands of young people and professionals in the area of mental wellness.  My experiences have taught me to communicate my thoughts and feelings with those around me and this has been vital to improve my own mental wellness.

I continue to learn, reflect and take control of my life; particularly what is going on around me. The most important coping mechanisms has been to set targets and to live life.  Whilst I have limitations, it is physical challenges, exercise, healthy living and maintaining mental wellness that have all provided positive psychological resilience and improved happiness.

Symptoms of depression have affected the quality and enjoyment of my life.  These symptoms can lead to drinking excessively, exercising less, smoking more, eating less healthily and leading a more insular life.  My symptoms were influenced in two ways;

*         Biological - the medication I take and changes to my nervous system due to neuropathic pain post-injury

*         Social - trauma, physical loss (mobility, bladder & bowel function, some sexual function), emotional loss (friends), career loss (having to leave Her Majesty's Forces) and stress

To improve my Mental Wellness, I must include 6 key things that have become part of a happier life;

*         Regular Physical Activity

*         Healthy Nutrition

*         Good Rest and Sleep

*         Reduced Stress

*         To Remain Positive

*         Be surrounded by an emotionally enriched environment

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Thank you to all those companies and organisations who sponsor my challenges and support my own health and mental wellness.

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